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               Callie's Page!









Welcome to Callie's Christmas page. Callie will be turning five in January and is very excited!  She is planning to have a white cake with chocolate frosting (with a Godzilla motif) and really wants a Barbie Car for a present.

Gymnastics.  Every Saturday, Callie has been going to her gymnastics sessions at Gymagine Gymnastics in Mukilteo, WA.  She is in classes of 

about five kids and is learning about cartwheels, forward rolls, vaults and lots of other fun things.  She will be moving into the next level when she turns five and will be working on developing specific areas.  Callie has lots of fun and all of the coaches love her and want her in their classes.

Callie performs a 'forward roll'

Preschool.  Twice a week for two and-a-half hours each day, Callie attends Pooh and Friends Preschool which is operated by the city of Everett Parks 
and Recreation.  This is the second year that Callie has been going and loves her teachers Ms. Joan, Ms. Vivian and Ms. Rhonda.

Callie and friends at Pooh and Friends preschool

  This year, they had a couple parties and field trips, have learned how to write their names, and as Callie says, "I learn."

Home.  Callie has been very excited about Christmas and her birthday.  She has been learning a lot of new things as she is growing.  She almost tied her 

Callie hiking in the Cascade Mtns.

shoes the other day and loves to watch movies and draw on the computer.  She has been Daddy's "hiking girl" (she even has a song to go with the title) and gone on quite a few hikes.  She was the flower girl at Michael and Katie's wedding and actually put on a dress!

Callie's Christmas Message

Grandmas and grandpas and cousins and friends, I hope you have a good Christmas.