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Welcome to Scotty's Christmas page.  Scott just had his 9th birthday in November and went bowling with his friends to celebrate.  He sure has grown!

Scott was accepted this year into the 4th grade Everett School District Highly Capable program at View Ridge Elementary.  His new class is a lot more challenging (something that Scott really needed) and, although he had to leave some friends behind, a lot better suited for Scotty.  Although, he is a year younger than the rest of the class (a fact that escaped his teacher until conferences last month), he has been leading the class in his Accelerated Reader goal this year.  He is currently reading at the 9th
 grade reading level and is thinking about moving up since he has already mastered that.  He just started

Scott Daniel Bullock on his first day of 4th grade

Social Studies, learning about the Pacific Northwest and is also learning about division, area and perimeters and other math subjects.

Cub Scouts.  This year, Scott is working on his Webelos and Arrow of Light badges in Cub Scouts.  He worked at a food bank, went caroling at a nursing home and helped dig up some trees that were going to be cut down

 all in the past month alone!  Also, in the past year, he earned his Parvuli Dei Medal (A Catholic religious recognition) becoming the first in his family to do so.  He was recognized along with other recipients at St. James Cathedral in May in front of hundreds of scouts, parents and supporters.  Last year, he attended lots of other service projects, campouts and other fun Cub Scout stuff! Click here for his pack's web site!

Scott practices knot tying at Camporee in May.

Church.  In April, Scott will receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Reconciliation.  He has been going to "Church school" for the past year

and a half to prepare and been going to Church almost every Sunday with his dad.  He looks forward to becoming an altar boy when he graduates from 4th grade.  He says his prayers every evening and, quoting Scott, "I cannot eat without praying first."

Home.  Scotty likes to build with Legos and K'nex and been spending a lot of time in front of the TV.  He hasn't started blowing up the garage yet, but if he had the chance,

he would be in there with his mess of chemicals trying to find a cure for cancer! Scott poses with Bishop Thomas.

Scott's Christmas Message

Dear Family,
I love you very much.  Don't forget, the meaning of Christmas is not the tree, the lights or the presents, it is about family and Jesus' birth.  I wish I could have Christmas with all of you.  Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Love, Scott