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               Ted's Page!


Thank you for checking us out!  This is my last-minute attempt at putting together a Christmas letter.

Work.  I am in my third year working for the U.S. Coast Guard in Seattle as a Yeoman.  I currently maintain personnel records for the regional district 

office and all the recruiting offices west of Cheyenne, WY.   Within the past year, I have taken over the responsibility of maintaining and authoring my branch's web pages and will soon be an assistant webmaster for the entire unit.  I went to a two-day class on web design, but have been learning mostly by trial and error (mostly error).  I am on the district color guard, where I march around at Mariners games, funerals, etc.  In March, I was

Ted and crew presenting colors at Safeco Field

selected as Sailor of the Quarter and given a savings bond, a parking spot and some extra liberty!!!  I am anticipating an advancement to E-5 within the next 6 months but am undecided about how long I will stay in.
Scouts.  This will be my third year as a Cub Scout leader with Scotty's pack.  I was a Cubmaster first, then Committee Chairman and now am in 
charge of administering the religious aspect of the scouting program and maintaining the web site for the pack.  It has been lots of fun going to the conservation and service projects and 

Ted at Scout Expo this summer.

lots of other events.  Last year, I was a Unit Commissioner for the district, and still plan on continuing to some extent, but have been concentrating on the pack level where I can work with the boys and have fun too!

Home.  Since the only time I get around to hiking is in the winter when everything seems to be snowed in, I guess I'll be gearing up for that. Scotty and I went on his first backpacking trip to Trout Lake (see photo) this 

Ted at the Trout Lake trailhead.  Photo by Scott Bullock

summer where it rained so hard that we had to cook under a rock overhang.  The tent leaked so badly that Scott and I decided to hike out in the middle of the night.  I would be surprised if he ever goes hiking again!  Christa and I are getting our marriage convalidated (re-exchanging our vows) on December 23rd.  She keeps asking me if I'm sure I want to, I think she's having second thoughts :)  I am planning on setting up a session to talk to a career development advisor to see if I can finish my bachelor's degree before I get out of the Coast Guard in a year.  I am taking of a couple of Fridays every month so I can spend as much time with the kids as possible.  Almost every night I tell myself that I will get to bed on time, but can never seem to fit enough 
time into the day.  Sleep is the only variable.

Ted's Christmas Message

This Christmas, our family decided to 'take it easy' on the commercial trappings of Christmas and to donate the money we could spend to charity.  Last Christmas, we were very worried about finances and thought that we would have a horrible holiday. We couldn't afford a Christmas tree and had to settle for a wreath (Callie called it a circle tree). I think that might have been the best Christmas yet.  We have been blessed and now don't have the same problems as last year, but there are a lot of other people in the situation we were in before.  Please remember those people, whether you know them or not.  Keep them in your prayers.  We love you all so much and look forward to spending Christmas with some of you.  For those who we won't see this year, please know that we are thinking of you and we love you!