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               Merry Christmas!
Welcome to the Bullock's Christmas web page. We hope that you are all doing well.  We are sending the link to this page to
everyone that can  access it and hope that you will pass it on to anyone that might be interested. We are very excited about Christmas this year and wanted to share with our friends and family what we've been doing this last year.  It was a very good year for our family.  Everyone was healthy and doing well.  Ted and Christa celebrated

Callie, Ted, Christa and Scott at Michael and Katie's August wedding

their fifth anniversary in June and are re-marrying in a Sacramental ceremony at St. Mary Magdalen Church on Dec 23rd!

The Bullock's Address

6521 B Olympic Dr
Everett, WA  98203
(425) 347-2447

Christa went back to work full-time and both kids are in school. Check our individual pages for more info about what we've all been up to. We hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2001!

The Bullock's Christmas Message

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are thinking of you this Christmas.  This website is a little different than a Christmas card that is placed on the mantle to show everyone how many people love you, but this way we are saving trees and including a little bit more than one picture and a brief description of the family's activities. We love you all!