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A den is a group of 5 to 8 boys of 
the same age who meet weekly to
work on rank advancements, plan
events, go on field trips and have
fun together.  They are led by an
adult called a Den Leader and 
occasionally a Boy Scout assist-
ant called a Den Chief. Several 
dens make up a pack.  
Ranks are the achievement that 
each similarly-aged boy works 
toward.  Boys in 1st grade work on their Tiger Cub achievements, 2nd  graders work towards the Wolf rank, 3rd graders attempt to earn their Bear badge and 4th and 5th graders work towards Webelos and their Arrow of Light
Besides the requirements for rank
advancement, Cub Scouts have a lot of opportunities for awards and recognition.  Religious Emblems, the Sports and Academics Program, Segments and Family Awards are some of the programs that the Pack uses. An Achievements page is under Construction


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