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Please contact Den 3's Leader Ed Guerrero for more information.

Welcome:  Den 3 welcomes 2 new Scouts, Scott and Mark, and Joel, our new den
chief.  We look forward to a fun year of Scouting !!!
Planning: Scouts and parents will plan one den meeting theme this year.  This
will provide everyone a chance to plan an activity and meet a Bear
achievement toward rank advancement.  A den outing can be substituted in
lieu of an actual meeting.  Outings can include bowling, a visit to Home
Depot (for a kid's clinic), visit to police station, etc.
Meetings:  Den meetings or outings are scheduled for the 1st and 3rd
Thursdays of the month at 7:00 pm.  Den outings are separately scheduled
depending on the activity.
Advancement:  Den 3 is well under way with meeting requirements for the Bear
rank.  Moms and Dads, please keep Ed informed on achievements your son has
Snacks:  It has been decided that Scouts will alternate providing snacks and
drinks for den meetings.

Old News

1)  The Huber's will be leaving Pack 18 and SMM sometime in April - now old news.  But they have been great assets to both Pack 18 and Troop 18.
2)  Den meetings are held the two Thursdays when there isn't a committee or Pack meeting conflict.  The next den meeting will be held at The Kawamoto's, Thursday, 3/30 at 6:45pm.  A new schedule will be discussed during the meeting due to the Hubers departure and re-scheduling of committee meetings.
3)  Den 3 will coordinate this year's Bike Rodeo.  We will also try to obtain assitance from other Wolf dens.  The event is tentatively scheduled for mid-July at SMM.
4)  Parents, if you didn't turn in forms for resident or day camp, please bring the form(s) and check payable to Pack 18 to this Thursday's den meeting.
5)  All parents are welcome to attend committee/den leader meetings.  See the 3/18 Pack Meeting newsletter for info. 


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