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   Religious Programs

Welcome to the Religious Programs page!  Here you will find information on emblems, news and events  pertaining to the Duty to God obligation of Cub Scouting.

Prayer Service at 6:30 on Dec 7
The Pack will be hosting a prayer service on December 7th at 6:30 in the Parish hall.  We will be talking about the "Twelve Days of Christmas" and will have prayers by all dens.  This service will help the pack earn the Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition.
Religious Emblems are maintained and coordinated by each religious body. This page focuses on the Catholic Emblems and Awards since the Pack is chartered by a Catholic Parish.  For more information about the emblems, click on the images of them on the top of this page.  Pack 18's Committee approved the purchase of booklets or other materials for each scout, regardless of faith. If there are any requests for programs other than those mentioned below, please contact the Religious Emblems Coordinator. We will ensure that all scouts have the opportunity to earn their Religious Emblems of their faith. For more information on Catholic Emblems, Recognition and Awards, Ted Bullock
Deadline Nearing for Religious Emblems
Please try to complete your religious emblem by the December 29th so we can present the awards at Blue and Gold in February!

Pope John Paul II Honors 50th Anniversary of Catholic Scouting

Still focusing on youth, in an apostolic letter honoring the 50th anniversary of the international organization of Catholic Scouts, Pope John Paul II called on the leaders of the scout movement to a more "radical" witness to Gospel virtues.
To representatives of the scout group-- who had took time off from their conference in Rome to join his Angelus audience on Sunday-- the Pope thanked the scout leaders for their "teaching based on Gospel values," and their insistence on "moral rectitude and the spirit of self-discipline, as well as their service to society and the Church. He pointed out that scouting has in practice proven to be an effective means of preparing young people for religious life.
Finally, the Pope said, the international scouting movement has enabled young people of different races, languages, and cultures to meet and educate each other. He praised the "ecumenical spirit" of the Scout movement, and its contribution to international understanding.

Prayer Service and Vocational Info on Dec. 7. 
Pack 18 will have a prayer service and talk about vocations within the church at 6:30 at the Parish Hall.  E-mail Ted Bullock for more info


Pack 18 Working Hard on Pope
Paul VI Recognition this Year!
Pack 18 is trying for the first time to earn the Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition this year.  Cooperating with the Troop, Pack 18 has been planning out activities (including the prayer service) that will fulfill requirements needed to earn the recognition.  If selected, the Pack will receive a ribbon for our flag, a certificate for St. Mary Magdalen Parish, and a patch for each registered boy and leader.  For more information, go to the Pope Paul V Page by clicking on the patch at the top of the page.
Light of Christ Procedures Change this Year
Gary Edmunson, a parisioner and Troop leader, will be 'pre-approving' all Light of Christ requirements on Dec 16 at 10:00 at the Parish Hall before candidates meet with Fr. Marquart.  Please work on completing the requirements before the Dec. 29 deadline! Click on his name to e-mail him or call him at 379-8091.
 St. Mary Magdalen Parish
 St. Mary Magdalen School
 Archdiocese of Western Wash.
 National Catholic Committee    on Scouting
 U.S. Bishops Conference
 Vatican City-The Holy See
 Militia of the Immaculata
History of Catholic Scouting
Code of Canon Law


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